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For the Curious

My first foray into web design came about entirely by accident.

My third child was born at about the same time as it became ordinary to get pictures digitally. No surprise, I had pictures that our family was clamoring to see and this time they were in an interesting new format. As it happens, I'm not a bad letter writer, but I'm an atrocious letter mailer. I was not looking forward to dodging the calls of irate relatives all of whom were wondering where on earth the pictures were.

Factor in my abiding interest in making computers do flips when I say "jump", and the outcome was almost a forgone conclusion. When I couldn't find a computer application that did precisely what I wanted, I wrote one. I created a web-based photo album that was easy for me to update, accessible to family and friends, and almost completely eliminated my need to go hunting for cardboard and stamps.

The field of website design and development is constantly changing and over the years I've taught myself to use the languages and tools that let me keep up with the changes. I may not be able to promise you a #1 ranking (and I don't recommend trusting anyone who says they can), but I will build you a site that delivers quality code, quality design, and a positive experience for your site visitors.